Rajan Kochhar – Owner BeatboxTV

Beatboxtv.com is a recently established free-access community television channel promoting Asian music and culture. It is being streamed live in HD to audiences around the world. It was founded by award-winning composer and keyboard musician Rajan Kochhar who has over 30 years of experience in composing and performing, including record albums and music for films.

Beatboxtv.com fills a massive gap in the music market by connecting musicians to a global audience quickly, easily and without expense.
It broadcasts music to a global audience, helping new musical talent gain recognition as well as promoting established performers. This is achieved with a mix of interviews with UK and overseas based artists, live festival coverage and conventional HD quality music videos, all designed for viewing on smart phones, tablets, desktop computers and smart TVs.

“Above all, Beatboxtv.com is designed to motivate its audience to develop their own creative skills,” Rajan Kochhar comments. “We achieve this not just online but on location at festivals and charity events in India, teaching young people how to develop skills that will help them lead fulfilling and enjoyable lives, not least through the medium of music. Beatboxtv.com is active internationally, promoting the skills and achievements of upcoming artists. Our whole mindset is to be inclusive, positive, encouraging and in every respect upbeat. The Beatboxtv.com team is expanding to ensure contact with performers around the globe, reflecting their progress as they contribute to the ongoing development of Asian music and culture”.

Transmitting entirely online gives Beatboxtv.com the huge advantage of access to audience demographics on a regional basis. This feedback is useful for programme planning and also enables the channel to monitor the required level of CDN support.

All music content transmitted on Beatboxtv.com is archived, enabling the channel to reflect an increasing wealth of creative musical talent as the library grows.