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Manjit – Soul to Soul

Manjit Thandi has a background in teaching and motivational speaking. She has over 30 years experience of presenting to audiences, large and small. As a presenter and MC, she has hosted events ranging from Guru Nanak’s Gravesend FC dinner and dances to India V Kent cricket matches.

She has interviewed many renowned authors and musicians in front of live audiences, including Sathnam Sanghera, author of Marriage Material, and The Boy With the Topknot, and Bali Rai, author of City of Ghosts. She was herself, on the receiving end, when interviewed by Hardip Singh Kohli. She says “the highlight of my interviews so far, and an absolute privilege was to be in conversation with the late and great Jagjit Singh Ji, the living legend, who is Gurdas Maan Ji, and the actor and social activist, Shabana Azmi Ji.

She has an inherent interest in music, and enjoys many genres, but particularly Hindi popular music, classical Hindustani and Sufi music, as well as Panjabi and Rajasthani Folk music.

Manjit will be interviewing artists, on ‘Soul To Soul’ to explore the inner mysteries of their world of music.


Da Boss – Chart Topper

‘Da Boss’ is an artist himself and is a lead singer in a band which has been in the music industry for the past 32 years. He knows good music when he hears it.

His passion for Punjabi music has taken him to many heights and platforms across the world. Let him take you on a journey which looks at the most viewed videos on Youtube  and is crowned ‘Chart Topper‘.



Gaurav Lamba – Tuk Tuk Talkies
Gaurav comes from a background in marketing. He has always had a passionate interest in music and started singing from a young age. He has a multitude of experience of presenting and performing to a variety of audiences globally.  As a freelance presenter, he has hosted events internationally from Holi Festivals, corporate events and dinner and dances. He has interviewed many renowned musicians and Bollywood A listers including Priyanka Chopra, Sonam Kapoor, Guru Randhawa, Badshah and many others! A born entertainer, he had the privilege to sing with Arjun in Dubai and Guru Randhawa in India. Gaurav has also performed his own cover versions Live on Air on Radio One Delhi and BBC Asian Network.  Gaurav will be catching up with your favourite artists, on an exciting exclusive show ‘Tuk Tuk Talkies’ a chance for you to get up close and personal with the stars!

Vallisa – Keep Calm Follow Me 

Vallisa is a fresh new edition to the team. She was previously known as Sharan Sharma working on the radio station Buzz Asia and she now presents under her own name Vallisa, on Sunrise Radio hosting the popular Breakfast Show alongside Raj Ghai weekdays from 6-9am. Her background is in Film and Television and has scripted and produced her own feature film, Those 4 Walls. She is currently working on a number of different film projects in both documentary and fiction. As a DJ and Host Vallisa has worked in many different fields ranging from Dj’ing at Mendhi’s and Weddings to hosting in front of 40,000 people at the London Mela. She has also interviewed some fantastic talent from the UK including Navin Kundra, Gin and Rees and Jaz Dhami.
Vallisa has been exposed to all types of music during her upbringing and therefore understands Bollywood, Bhangra, RnB, Chart Toppers, Pop and so much more.
She loves music and travel and hopes to see as much of the world as she can. Vallisa will be presenting shows on both the Punjabi and the RnB Channel.



Poli and SatiAaj Kal Out & About

Poli Tank and Satvinder Rana (Sati) are the Aaj-Kal guys. They are the creators and presenters of BBC Radio Derby’s iconic and award winning Aaj-Kal Show.
Their passion for music and the arts led them to the BBC airwaves where they established the Aaj-Kal Show as the trail-blazing Bhangra radio programme in Britain. By 1988 it became the biggest radio programme in the country – steering the birth of UK Bhangra music and making the Aaj-Kal Show the epicentre of this fantastic and exciting new industry.
These days both Poli and Sati are still presenting their original creation on BBC Radio Derby and are also fast establishing their broadcasting presence in India through the Punjabi film and music industry. The legendary presenters are now working with to bring their broadcasting magic and the UK Bhangra scene online across the globe.