Specification for submitting files for television as of 1st January 2018

The specifications below apply to both television programs and commercials:

  • Delivery media:                             – DV-Cam *

                                                                     – Mini DV *

                                                                     – MPG2 on DVD or CD

                                                                     – MPG2 FTP Upload

                                                                     – Digital Betacam (HD *) (SR *) / XDCAM HD *

                                                                     * must be submitted 2 weeks in advance

                                                                          (additional handling costs apply)

  • Sound: -9 dB PPM
  • Black level: 0 (Volt TT)
  • White level: +0.7 (Volt)
  • Image format: 16: 9 FHA
  • Tape format:                                  00: 00: 10: 00 – 00: 01: 00: 00 -> 1 Khz Beep

                                                                     00: 00: 01: 00 – 00: 02: 00: 00 -> 10 Khz Beep

                                                                     00: 00: 02: 00 – 00: 02: 20: 00 -> Slate with Commercial / program info

                                                                     00: 00: 02: 20 – 00: 02: 30: 00 -> Black

                                                                     00: 00: 02: 30 – -> PGM

                                                                     At the end at least 10 seconds should be blackened

Create a safety copy after the first program at the whole minute. After the last program at least 60 seconds should be blackened.

The tape must be supplied with a correct timecode list.


MPEG info SD:

  – min. 6 Mbps and max.8 Mbps Constant Bitrate Program stream                                

  – Audio as MPG2 Layer 1 Dual Channel at 384 Kbps, 48 Khz

  – Field Order: Bottom Field First / Lower Field First / odd field first

  – MP @ ML (Main Profile @ Main Level)

  – At 16:9 the 16:9 flag must be enabled

  – Extension in capital letters, so as .MPG

  – MPG should not contain black images at the beginning and/or end.

MPEG info HD: 

– Constant Bitrate Program stream of min. 8 and max. 15Mbps

– Audio as MPG2 Layer 1 Dual Channel at 384Kbps

– Format 1080I50 (1080 Interlaced 25 Fps)


– Min. 30 and max. 50 Mbps Constant Bitrate Program stream

– 4 Channels Audio

– HD: Format 1080I50 (1080 Interlaced 25 Fps) LONG GOP encoding

– SD: Format 567I50 (720x 576 Interlaced 25 Fps) 16: 9

 Buma Forms

Each commercial must be provided with a correct Buma form. Even if no music is used! When submitting digitally, it can be sent by post or sent as a PDF together with the video file. When digitally submitted, the Buma form should have a clearly recognizable file name! Our preference would be: “Buma_mpegfilename.pdf.” When the Buma form is absent we must reject your submitted files.

Broadcast instructions

The broadcast instructions must be in our possession at least 2 days in advance. The instructions can be submitted in a separate PDF-file together with the video file (and the Buma forms). Preferably made recognizable as: “broadcast instruction_mpg2filename.pdf.” If possible, we prefer to receive the broadcast instruction at the beginning of the month.

Submitting digitally

At Beatbox TV it is possible to upload your program in the above-mentioned MPG2 formats. You will need to receive a username and password for this. You can request these via: traffic@site.beatboxtv.com It is possible to submit files in other formats after consulting Beatbox TV. Costs for re-coding are calculated separately.


Specifications for submitting tv-commercials and tv-programs

A number of specifications apply to submitting TV commercials and TV programs – including text TV. In this document we have arranged these specifications for your and our convenience.

Beatbox TV has the right to refuse a commercial or program if it does not meet the specifications mentioned in this document, or:

– when the content is in conflict with the Media Legislation.

– when there is objection from the Advertising Code Committee

– when the content conflicts with general decency or good morals

– when it does not meet the general conditions of Beatbox TV in any other way.

Only after consultation with Beatbox TV it might be possible to deviate from these specifications.

Commercials and programs must be submitted 5 working days before the intended broadcast date. When commercials and programs are digitally submitted (by FTP upload), a term of 48 hours before the actual broadcast applies. This 48-hour term only applies to the digital file formats as mentioned below.

For other formats the 5-day rule is maintained.